22nd International AIDS Conference
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 23-27 July 2018


Late breaker scientific highlights

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We are pleased to share the late breaker science that will be presented at the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018). View some of the highlights below and browse the full online programme for more details.

Late breaker highlights

  • First results from PARTNER2 – a follow-up to the landmark PARTNER study – with new evidence on the effectiveness of “treatment as prevention” in gay male couples 
  • Data from theANRS PREVENIR studyof daily and “on demand” PrEP in men who have sex with men
  • New research on the possibility that feminizing hormone therapy may affect the efficacy of PrEP in transgender women
  • Data on prevention and treatment progress in key countries, including results from the Namibia Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (PHIA) 
  • Results from the SEARCH study of HIV “test-and-treat” using a multi-disease approach and streamlined care in Kenya and Uganda
  • Study identifying cost-effective strategies that could cut HIV infections and deaths in half in Ukraine 
  • Results from RIVER, the first randomized controlled trial of a “kick and kill” approach to attacking HIV reservoirs
  • Detailed safety and efficacy data from the GEMINI studies of an experimental two-drug treatment for HIV (dolutegravir + lamivudine)
  • Safety of Dolutegravir in pregnancy: Late breaking findings, interpretations and implications.
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